Terms and conditions

1. Title of transport

Le Voucher is a pass prepaid which allows subject to the respect of the general conditions of sale below to perceive during the climb in the vehicle a ticket issued by the driver. This ticket is issued in exchange for the voucher after verification of its validity.

2. How to use

The driver will receive this voucher when boarding the vehicle and issue you a definitive ticket.

3. Advertising of the contract

The present conditions of sale explain the contract of carriage. They are edited to read it before the contract is definitively formed.

4. Conditions of purchase of your voucher

The purchase is only effective when the full payment of the ticket. The terms and conditions set out below are part of your contract with CFTI Cannes for transportation to Cannes or RLM for transport to Monaco / Menton for your voucher purchase. We undertake to satisfy your request within the limits of availability of places on board coaches.

5. Prices

The applicable rates are those mentioned in the tariffs tab. Drivers and controllers may be brought in case of dispute to refuse the validity of a voucher to offer the customer to buy a ticket on board the vehicle. Only the commercial service (see Article 12) has jurisdiction over financial litigation for online payment.

6. Modulation or cancellation

The voucher is only valid for the date of the trip when the purchase was made. Once your voucher purchase is confirmed, travel dates are no longer editable or subject to cancellation and refunding is no longer possible via our website. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact our sales department (see article 12) to justify his request for a refund.

7. Lost or stolen ticket

Any transport ticket destroyed, lost, stolen or not printed is not refunded. The customer is responsible for the printing of his voucher: any part presented in bad condition, illegible or with a partial impression will be likely to be refused by the driver. The presentation of the ticket in digital format (on a smartphone, tablet or computer) is  accepted. The meaning and day of the trip to correspond to the day of presentation of the ticket. the driving officer may refuse to accept it as a result of the checks requested.
NOTE  :   Tickets with discount must be printed.

8. Remboursement

Any request for reimbursement made following a default flight by the carrier is limited to the value of the ticket and may not exceed it. This request must be accompanied by a copy of the ticket. The refund request must be made before the date of the trip.

9. Misuse of the ticket

A payment of the fines is indicated in each coach. In case of misuse of the ticket or an attempted fraud, a report of offense will be established. It is established on the basis of the facts found, regardless of whether you are good or bad faith.

10. Schedule

Changes to the schedule may occur during the year, it is your responsibility to check them. Schedules are indicative, we do not guarantee their accuracy.

11. Travel conditions

A. Boarding Passengers must arrive at the boarding point at least 5 minutes before the departure time indicated on the ticket. As boarding points are public, changes can occur at the request of local authorities.

B. Luggage Passengers are allowed to carry 1 free hand luggage under 160 cm (L + 1 + H) or a pair of skis for free. An extra suitcase of less than 16O cm size will be charged € 1. Oversized baggage over 160 cm in size is charged at a rate of € 5 including skis over a pair or with other luggage.

C. Animals Animals are not allowed in coaches except: guide dogs for the blind small animals transported in a bag or in a cage adapted (assimilated as a baggage tariff).

D. Behavior on board Mutual respect on board: It is not allowed to eat, to consume alcoholic beverages, to smoke, to carry narcotics and by-products Radios and music: The use of tape recorders, radios, musical instruments and derivatives, which is a nuisance to other passengers, and may cause deconcentration of the conductors, is not permitted on board.

12. Passenger’s obligations

Any breach of the contractual provisions of Article 09 as well as the public policy in force may result in the refusal to board. CFTI Cannes and RLM can not be held responsible towards any traveler for the total or partial reimbursement of any compensation.

13. Complaints

The driver or ground staff are not entitled to settle claims. Any complaint must be sent by mail to the following address: Agency Lignes d’Azur Claim Service 17 av. Thiers 06000 NICE It must be accompanied by the ticket and other proofs. You can also write to responsable.pcc06@transdev.com